What Are Today's Mortgage Interest Rates?

Each Scenario is a little bit different when it comes to mortgage interest rates.   Check rates by selecting your loan type to the left.

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What Influences Today's Mortgage Interest Rates

Loan Type

Selecting the right loan type can be one of the largest factors when comparing mortgage interest from two different loans.  If comparing say FHA vs Conventional loans they will typically very different interest rates.

Credit Score

Your credit score will also determine what mortgage interest rate your receive on your home loan.  Home loan interest rates vary greatly depending on FICO score from one borrowers credit profile to the next.

Loan To Value

The amount of money you put down on a home purchase or the amount of equity you have in your home during a refinance can greatly affect your mortgage interest rate.  More equity typically is less risky to a bank which can mean less interest as well.

Purchase Vs Refinance

Sometime there will be different prices depending on where your are completing a home purchase loan vs a home refinance loan.  We always strive to give our clients the best interest regardless but some investors encourage certain loan types.

Debt To Income Ratio

The amount of debt compared to the amount of income you have can also influence the mortgage interest rate you pay.   Your debt to income ratio can make some products more easily available or not available at all.

Special Loan Type

Speciality loan types, down payment programs, and different loan types can all have different price tags.  You must compare interest rates on the same loan types to ensure your mortgage interest rate is amazing.

When looking to find the best mortgage interest rate there are many factors to consider.  Ensure you are working with a reputable financial institution that will allow you to get an amazing rate and get the job done quickly and efficiently.    Mortgage interest rate can range drastically from lender to lender, but at Wise Capital Mortgage you know we have done the hard work of rate shopping for you.   We will ensure you get a great loan with an aggressively price interest rate and low or no fees.


Today's Mortgage Interest Rates

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Difference Between A 30 Your Mortgage Rate And A 15 Year Mortgage Rate

When looking at where to refinance you 30 year mortgage and put it down to a 15 year rate there are several factors to consider.   15 year mortgage rates typically have a lower interest rate that the same type of loan on a 30 years term.  Over the life of a loan reducing a mortgage from a 30 to a 15 year loan saves an incredible amount of mortgage interest over the life of the loan.     If you would like to get mortgage rate quote, we can provide 15 year mortgage rates, 20 year mortgage rates or 30 year mortgage.  For more information about mortgage rates and loans please fill out form above