FHA 3.5% Down FHA Loan VS 3% Conventional Loan Which Is Better

People ofter wonder what type of mortgage loan would be better as a first time home buyer.  It all really depends on the individual scenario and as an individual you need to take multiple factors into consideration.   The main considerations to review would be things like- Credit Score Requirements, Mortgage Insurance Differences, Down Payment Differences,…

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Americans See Home Affordability Conditions Improving

Americans See Home Affordability Conditions Improving Last year’s housing market had its challenges for sure. Though there was plenty of interest from home buyer, too few homes for sale, rising interest rates, and high prices dampened some of the enthusiasm. Now, according to the recent Home Purchase  Index from Fannie Mae, Americans are feeling more…

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New Home Construction Numbers Start Stronger Than Expected

New Home Construction Loans

The amount of new construction permits rose in January 2019 as compared to December 2018 estimates.  Housing starts in 2019 rose by 18.6% from the December estimate but is still down from January 2018.    Single Family residence actually had an increase of 25% from the December estimates, this brought the single family production to…

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